QYSMT subsidiary -- Morel new office is opened
SMT peripheral equipment experts

We’re pleased to announce that Morel new office which the subsidiary corporation of QYSMT is opened today.


So many thanks for all of our partners and friends strong support all the time. Especially with the great effort of each QYSMT family. In the past 15 years, though there were many difficulties along the way, QYSMT concentrated on SMT filed committing to providing better service and solution for our partners and customers. We kept making progress and growing step by step, finally QYSMT is becoming better and stronger and today the QYSMT's “baby “Morel was born!


Morel will inherit QYSMT's spirit, specialize in SMT peripheral equipment, including Reflow oven, Printer, AOI, SPI, Loader, Unloader and Conveyor ect. Morel means a lot for us, it's not only full filled with our effort but also vision and mission. It's a new journey with challenges that we might can't image, but challenges also means with opportunities. We will continue to seek opportunities amidst challenges and never stop seeking breakthroughs. No matter what difficulties during our road, we will stick to our vision and mission, focusing on one-stop SMT solution for you.


We do believe that there will be more branches of QYSMT around the world in the future. It's our great honor to be a part of your partner and supplier, let's build the world together and try our best to make it a little difference. We' re really appreciated what's happening at this moment and thank you again.


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