ZS 32mm feeder


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    SS/ZS/ZSR feeder joint interface

    Supports YS/YSM/YRM series mounter with tape-cutter.

    Supports IT options, and can provide part insertion error preventer and preset display.

    Clarico-Offer Timer

    Tape setting mechanism designed for easy operability


    Super-easy to set since it easily Super-easy to set since it easily pulls out from the feed position even with feeders on both sides. it easily pulls out from the fee

    Two reels can be set anytime regardless of part feed timing.


    Auto loading function comes in a light-weight compact size and reduces workload of an operator.



    Auto Loading Feeder
    External dimension (excluding projections)L 549 × W 11.5 × H 278mm
    WeightApprox. 1.50kg
    Compatible tapeWidth 8mm, Maximum thickness 1mm
    * There are restrictions. Please contact us for more details.
    Material Paper / (Emboss * Under development)
    * Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Cover Tape (PSA) can not correspond.
    Applicable reel specificationsFeed pitch setting 2mm / 4mm
    Reel width 14.4mm or less, φ382mm or less
    When using preset holder, Reel width 13.6mm or less, φ178mm or less.
    8mm-converted installation occupied width12mm pitch
    Loadable minimum tape length400mm or more
    Applicable components0603 to 3216mm
    Feeder type4 types 2S (0603/1005) / M (1608) / L (2012) / LL (3216)
    Tape loading timeApprox. 5 sec
    * From tape feed start to pickup preparation completion.
    Compatible mounterYS / YSM / YRM series with tape cutter
    Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.