NXT 8mm Feeder


This product is no longer available.

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 Original new/Used

NXT I Feeders

  • FUJI AA84030 NXT I 8MM W08 
  • FUJI AA84128 NXT I 12MM W12 
  • FUJI AA84228 NXT I 16MM W16 
  • FUJI AA84328 NXT I 24MM W24 
  • FUJI AA84426 NXT I 32MM W32 
  • FUJI AA84525 NXT I 44MM W44 
  • FUJI AA84625 NXT I 56MM W56 
Original new / used

NXT II Feeders

  • FUJI AB09910 NXT III 8MM  W08C
  • FUJI AB10005 NXT II  12MM W12C 
  • FUJI AB10105 NXT II  16MM W16C 
  • FUJI AB10205 NXT II 24MM W24C 
  • FUJI AB10303 NXT II  32MM W32C 
  • FUJI AB10403 NXT II   44MM W44C 
  • FUJI AB10503 NXT II    56MM W56C

Original new / used

NXT III Feeders

  • FUJI  NXT III  12MM W12C
  • FUJI  NXT III  16MM W16C 
  • FUJI  NXT III 24MM W24C 
  • FUJI  NXT III  32MM W32C 
  • FUJI  NXT III   44MM W44C 
  • FUJI  NXT III    56MM W56C

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