NXT 8mm Feeder


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    NXT I Feeders

    • FUJI AA84030 NXT I 8MM W08 
    • FUJI AA84128 NXT I 12MM W12 
    • FUJI AA84228 NXT I 16MM W16 
    • FUJI AA84328 NXT I 24MM W24 
    • FUJI AA84426 NXT I 32MM W32 
    • FUJI AA84525 NXT I 44MM W44 
    • FUJI AA84625 NXT I 56MM W56 
    Original new / used

    NXT II Feeders

    • FUJI AB09910 NXT III 8MM  W08C
    • FUJI AB10005 NXT II  12MM W12C 
    • FUJI AB10105 NXT II  16MM W16C 
    • FUJI AB10205 NXT II 24MM W24C 
    • FUJI AB10303 NXT II  32MM W32C 
    • FUJI AB10403 NXT II   44MM W44C 
    • FUJI AB10503 NXT II    56MM W56C

    Original new / used

    NXT III Feeders

    • FUJI  NXT III 8MM  W08F
    • FUJI  NXT III  12MM W12C
    • FUJI  NXT III  16MM W16C 
    • FUJI  NXT III 24MM W24C 
    • FUJI  NXT III  32MM W32C 
    • FUJI  NXT III   44MM W44C 
    • FUJI  NXT III    56MM W56C

    QYSMT Advantage

    We have perfect systems to support our business, and also support your SMT industry:


    1. Complete Supply Chain Management System: Strictly select brand suppliers and conduct annual supplier evaluation and assessment to ensure product quality and sustainable supply.


    2. Strict Quality Control System: We have qualified engineers with 10 years of experience. They can only be put into storage after passing the inspection standard.


    3. Carefully Packaging System: We use wooden box packaging, vacuum packaging, carton packaging, and other combinations to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transportation.


    4. Powerful inventory support system: We have more than 1500 different kinds of SMT Parts in stock, which can solve the problems encountered by customers in production in a timely manner.


    5. Detailed pre-shipment inspection system: All goods will be tested and inspected again before shipment. Inspection videos and photos are recorded to ensure the quality of the products.


    6. Nice After-sales Service System: all the core components of the product are guaranteed. Our sales department has 10 colleagues, who provide telephone and video support, as well as on-site installation services.


    Our company believes that the secret for success lies not only in having top quality products but also perfect after-sales.